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10 Secrets of Grief Videos

By Carolyn B. Healy

At the end of a counseling session, clients would say, “I feel okay when I’m here, but then it’s the middle of the night and I can’t remember a thing we talked about.” So I created this Waves of Grief website to be available 24/7. It has now been visited by thousands of grievers from 40 countries.

Then a friend asked me to create an audio version of the site for her mother and other visually impaired people who are seeking ways to cope with grief. “If only I had a tape of the 10 secrets list at least, I could play it for her,” she said. So I created this series of videos sharing my core ideas about grieving for her, and for anyone who prefers a human voice to words on the page.

Join me.

Intro to 10 Secrets of Grief

#2: You are already an expert on grief

#4: You can't grieve alone - build your team

#6: Turn your grief into action every day

#8: Finding hope again after loss

#1: Don't try to grieve like everybody else - find your own best way

#3: You are not going crazy - this is grief

#5: People die, but relationships live on

#7: Grief is universal, each loss is unique

#9: Discover the hidden gifts in grieving

#10: Turn grief into meaning - pay

it forward

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