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The Last Thing You Want to Learn

Once a year, a group of slow-moving people gathers in my driveway to accomplish a major feat – walking across the street. They have cancer and are in the active phase of treatment which may weaken them physically, but not in the ways that count. They head toward the Wellness House, a cancer support center that sits across from my house. Instead of staying home which they could easily justify, they come out to kick off the 5 and 10K walk that raises funds for the center. There are balloons, music and prizes. While the walkers set out, runners pace around trying to stay loose in the early morning air, dressed in team T-shirts with a loved one’s picture on the front, or a team slogan like Cance

Let me help you navigate your journey

Conventional wisdom suggests that there is not much you can do about grief but sit back and suffer through it. Newer thinking disagrees, finding much that we can accomplish though active, intentional grieving. Riding the Waves of Grief will highlight the many decisions, actions, and opportunities that can turn the pain of grief into growth and healing. You may have heard for years that there are Five Stages of Grief that are thought to apply to all of us. At my counseling office, I have been visited by a parade of clients who beg to differ, as their experience just doesn’t fit the predicted Denial-Anger-Bargaining-Depression-Acceptance stages. They have taught me that while grief is universa

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