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Grief and the holidays: 5 ideas for survival

I have heard many different strategies for “getting through” the holidays, from my counseling clients, from friends, from family. There is a narrative that hangs low over the coming days that says “Look out. This will be terrible, devastating, more than you can handle.” As it turns out, that may not be true, and the difference seems to be in the freedom to make your own choices about how to “do” the holidays. The reality is that it will be different, but every day is already different, and you make choices, sometimes tough ones, about how to handle each one already. Here are some of the choices that my people have used, and what they have said about the result: Sign on for a group trip exper

Grief in the Outback: Living and grieving in an ancient way

You never know where you are going to learn something about grieving. When I visited Australia, I spent some time in the Outback, the home of Aboriginal people for thousands of years. In the town of Alice Springs, I witnessed a small skirmish in the longstanding border war between their ancient culture and the encroaching modern world. It takes a plane to get to Alice Springs. People visit because it is the gateway to the ancient sacred site of Uluru, a giant stone formation that is famous for changing hues through the day. Moderners call it Ayers Rock, Aboriginal people call it theirs and strive to preserve their old traditions. Despite its remote location, Alice Springs sports an impressiv

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