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Finding an island of calm in a sea of grief

Of all that we need when we are grieving, among the most immediate and rewarding is to find calm in the turbulent waters of grief. It seems an unlikely achievement, as many of us know grieving to be a deeply disorienting and stubborn force. As usual, what we need often requires reaching for another’s hand to steady us.

Such a hand is that of Belleruth Naparstek, a pioneer in the use of guided imagery to aid healing after illness and trauma. It couldn’t be simpler: she talks, you listen and let your attention go where she suggests. Her voice is sure and warm, her wisdom palpable. And she is available 24 hours a day on YouTube of all places, if you’d like to sample. Her 20-minute meditation, Help With Letting Go Of Grief, may make a difference on a tough night, or help you begin a new day with an infusion of peace and intention. If you are a newbie to meditation or guided imagery, I can’t think of a better time or a better person to introduce you.

Listen to her here.

If you connect, you can find her other work on grief at Health Journeys

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