Blog: Riding the Waves of Grief

On grief, resilience, and healing

November 15, 2017

I go around saying that every good story is a story about grief, without knowing if it is actually true. I’m no academic, not one to survey the entirety of English-language literature to see if I can back that up. But it seems true to me that at the heart of a good sto...

October 29, 2017

Once a year, a group of slow-moving people gathers in my driveway to accomplish a major feat – walking across the street. They have cancer and are in the active phase of treatment which may weaken them physically, but not in the ways that count. They head toward the We...

October 11, 2017

Conventional wisdom suggests that there is not much you can do about grief but sit back and suffer through it. Newer thinking disagrees, finding much that we can accomplish though active, intentional grieving. Riding the Waves of Grief will highlight the many decisions...

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